Academic Editing

Having trouble wading through the bewildering rules of style manuals? I provide professional copyediting and revision so that you can pay more attention to the substance of your writing. I am well versed in a variety of manuals. I have also done extensive editing of law articles for a professor at Boalt Hall School of Law (UC Berkeley) and for postdocs in the School of Public Health (UC Berkeley). In addition, I have edited many psychology articles that have been published in prestigious psychology journals, and I have reviewed psychiatry and medical articles, a medical book, and lengthy articles for well-reputed law review journals. Lastly, I have done extensive technical editing for articles in engineering, neuroscience, physics, pharmacology, and other scientific fields.
In addition to being familiar with the Bluebook style for law, I edit in the following formats:

I review documents for errors and inconsistencies within in-text citations, references, tables, figures, abstracts, and tables of contents. This entails cross-checking in-text citations with references (where I often find a mismatching of dates and discrepancies in spellings of surnames).

Copyediting also involves fixing errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typing. With respect to thorny grammatical-usage dilemmas, I offer guidance to help you make the best editorial judgments (e.g., “a set of keys is/are on the table” is an example where the notion is plural but the word “set” is singular, so “is” works best). Finally, I offer suggestions on clarity and style so that your writing will be polished, professional, and aesthetically appealing.

Some of my editing specialties include the following:
Copyediting fixes errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, typing, and capital letters. Revision involves rewriting awkward and unclear sentences so that you end up with writing that flows well and is aesthetically pleasing to read. Proofreading means reviewing the document several times after I have completed the copyediting and revision. This last proofreading step catches things like typos and inconsistencies in editorial judgment (e.g., being consistent on capitalizing or not capitalizing the “b” on “Black,” referring to African Americans).

I have worked as a freelance editor and professional writer for 17 years, serving hundreds of graduate students, professors, postdocs, scholars, and nonprofit organizations. My credentials include an M.A. in English, an M.Ed. Degree (master’s in education), and more than 15 years of classroom-teaching experience in which I helped adults to improve their oral and written communication skills. In addition, I have written for university and Bay Area community newspapers, and I have had an article published in a national magazine.

My clients include the following: