Business Editing Services

Applying to graduate school and need a solid personal statement? About to submit a resume and cover letter for a job? Just finished writing your website text or marketing material for a new business endeavor?

I can help you review your business document and make sure it is polished, professional, and pleasing to the eye. Having a well-written document reflects on your professionalism. It conveys that you are careful when you write, that you value attention to detail, and that you are conscientious—valuable assets in today’s workforce. Showing command of the language also reflects on your education and writing skills.

Success often involves the ability to compete. By transforming your documents into stellar writing, you will gain a competitive edge over other candidates and professionals.

Personal Statements for Graduate School Admission

Often students come to me in tears because they have been rejected by a desirable graduate school. When I review their personal statements, I see immediate red flags. Unfortunately, many writers are so close to the content of their writing and so tired of rereading it that they are blind to the these unflattering red flags. In other cases, they have overlooked embarrassing typos. Then, after I have revised and proofread their essays, these individuals get accepted into prestigious programs like the Executive MBA Program at the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley). A personal statement has to stand out and be different; that is what I can help you to achieve: a strong essay that portrays you in the most favorable light.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumes and cover letters give prospective employers a snapshot view of who you are and what you have to offer. These documents have to be pleasing to the eye, free of typos and other errors (e.g., unnecessary overcapitalization), and succinct. Most resumes I see are not in parallel structure, have an overuse of capital letters, and are too wordy. I will transform your resume by cutting down on verbiage and selecting more powerful action verbs to describe your skills.

Websites and Marketing Materials

Websites and marketing materials have to be dazzling. Prospective clients spend just a little time reading your material. So it’s crucial to be brief and to the point but still sound unique and special. I can help you revise your marketing documents so they will make you stand out as a professional with excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. This will make it more likely that people will want to purchase your products or solicit your services.