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Perfect Your Writing with the Best Academic Copyediting Services

Get the perfect touchup for your manuscript or paper by benefiting from my professional copyediting services that polish your writing! I address style, grammar, citations, references, and tables, ensuring that there are no errors or inconsistencies. I also edit according to the latest rules in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Getting professional academic copyediting services increases the appeal of your writing and helps you make a better impression


Deals with the mechanics of writing and typing. It includes careful proofreading for errors in grammar, punctuation, capital vs. lowercase letters, and inconsistencies in editorial decisions. It also catches those embarrassing typos that may actually communicate the opposite of what you intended!

Stylistic Revision

Makes your document a pleasure to read by creating clear, concise, cohesive writing. The revised writing will contain smoother transitions and more precise, captivating language, and it will be free of unintended ambiguities and awkwardness.

Academic-Format Editing

Formatting of a dissertation or thesis is the last step. It is more of a typing function than actual editing. Having correct and consistent formatting ensures the final touches of professionalism to your job.

Academic-Format Editing

Means that I will help you to create a document based simply on your rough outline or bulleted points. I will help you overcome writer's block and put your thoughts into words. This service includes writing an inspiring memoir, a descriptive essay, a reflective account of your amazing life experiences, or simply creating a powerful résumé.

Formatting of Dissertations and Theses

Ensures that you have followed the format manual used in your industry. I am well versed in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the MLA Style Manual. I will correct references, in-text citations, tables, abstracts, titles and level headings, and pagination, and I will follow all of the specific recommendations of your manual plus the school's guidelines. I am also familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition), the AAA format used by the American Anthropological Association, The Bluebook used in law and the AMA Manual of Style used in medicine.

Get a Flawless Personal Statement

Creating a personal statement written when applying for a medical residency or a doctoral program in clinical psychology, nursing, engineering, law, etc., is a daunting task. You need an essay that accurately reveals your personality, skills, and abilities. This is essential because when the university representative reads your personal statement, he or she will be left with a lasting impression, one that shows why you are more worthy than others.

Such an important document requires the help of a pro who can make your essay stand out from the rest. You can rely on my personal statement editing services to help you present a document that reflects your personality and skills.

As part of my personal statement and academic copyediting services, I:

Increase Your Admission Chances with MBA Essay Editing Services

I also offer MBA editing services to make your admissions essay convincing and concise. Your essay needs to clearly state the reason for your interest in a particular school and answer other important questions.

With my MBA essay editing services, I help you show your genuine value to the program through the clarity and precision of your words. I make sure that each word of your essay creates a lasting impact on the mind of the reader.