Literary Editing

Book Manuscripts

Trying to get your manuscript published? These days, most publishers will not touch a manuscript from an unknown author. Therefore, it is necessary to get an agent who will represent your work. Agents are very busy people and appreciate when a book is ready to go to a publisher; this means that the book is a pleasure to read because it is free of distracting errors.

Therefore, the goal is to ensure that your book is competitive with the numerous manuscripts that overwhelm agents and publishers. To accomplish this goal, I provide impeccable copyediting and revision services. Copyediting fixes errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, typing, and capital letters. Revision involves rewriting awkward and unclear sentences so that you end up with writing that flows well and is aesthetically pleasing to read. Proofreading means reviewing the document several times after I have completed the copyediting and revision. This last proofreading step catches things like typos and inconsistencies in editorial judgment (e.g., being consistent on capitalizing or not capitalizing the “b” on “Black,” referring to African Americans).
My Literary Editing experience includes the following:
In order to maximize your chances of being published, you need a powerful and succinct query letter, as well as a book proposal. These two documents address the highlights of your book and sell you as an author. By having me either write or edit these documents, you will end up with a persuasive package that will entice literary agents and publishers.