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Book Translations: A Profound Way to Touch Hearts

As people undertake their spiritual journies in an attempt to gain a better understanding of themselves and life, spiritual books provide an invaluable and inspirational support. Since there are numerous books on spirituality, with each offering its unique insight, the need for a competent translator is crucial.

I offer Spanish-to-English translations of spiritual books to assist you in reaching a wider audience of those pursuing a spiritual quest. As someone who holds the same passion for writing as you, I understand what you expect of your translator and how important it is for you to make your work accessible to English-speaking readers.

Translation Testimonials

I met Vitalee in an ESL class. She introduced herself not just as an ESL teacher but also as an editor. I had always wanted to translate very important church documents from Spanish to English. She gladly accepted the job, and her work was excellent. I would heartily recommend her in translating any documents from Spanish to English.

Ariel Ruiz
Evangelical Church Growing in His Word

Vitalee did a magnificent job translating an academic paper originally written in Spanish. She was able to interpret psychological terms and concepts while still retaining the flow and essence of the original paper.

Dr. Diaz

Vitalee's Bio:

Spanish-to-English Translations with the Reader in Mind

Any writer writes for the reader. When I translate, I do so with the audience in mind, striving to find that exact word or expression that maintains the original author’s meaning, without falling into the trap of an awkward word-for-word translation. Therefore, it is my goal that the meaning of the text not be lost, thereby allowing the reader to experience satisfaction.

Spanish-to-English Memoir Translations

Sharing your life experiences and stories is a brave endeavor. You would not want your words or life to be twisted by someone who lacks the understanding and depth of what you wish to share with the world. My years of writing, editing, and translating have introduced me to diverse people and allowed me to be emotionally attached to every project that I take on. I translate my texts responsibly, even compassionately, with respect for both the author and the reader.

Your memoir, bio, or autobiography will be in the hands of someone who promises to protect your individuality and preserve your personal tone so that the impression you wish to convey is not lost. I would be pleased to be the reliable translator through whom you can converse with the world!